Hillary Clinton lost because she is a woman

I can’t say anything that millions of other people haven’t already posted on both social and traditional media.


That being said, here are my thoughts:

  • Hillary Clinton did not win because she is a woman, and we live in a misogynistic country/world.
  • Hillary Clinton did not win because we are living in a country where the racism that stems from times of slavery is something we have still not overcome, and Donald Trump used this to his white male advantage.
  • Hillary Clinton did not win because people with privilege voted for Johnson and Weld in battleground states. Both of whom, by the way, admitted Donald Trump should not be president, but still did not drop their candidacy. (Rachel Maddow on third party votes in this election: “If you vote for somebody who can’t win for president, it means that you don’t care who wins for president.” It also means you have the privilege to have risked the possibility of a Trump presidency without fearing for your life and wellbeing).


While I believe in all of those points, what I can speak to most is the issue of gender. She did not win because she is a woman. People were quick to say that Bernie would have won against Trump. I don’t care about their subtle differences or why people justify this statement. It’s because he is a man and she is not.


You can say she is unlikeable for a myriad of bullshit reasons. But the reason Hillary is seen as unlikeable is because she is a woman in politics. Her flaw is the fact that she has a vagina.


Donald is a man who is going to appear in front of a judge in a month for the charge of raping a 13-year-old girl.


Half of this country would rather see a woman raped and abused than see a woman as the president. Half of this country would rather not talk about women except when it comes to violating and controlling them. Half of this country expects the other half to respect and accept the outcome, even when they for the past 8 years have shouted, “Kill Obama” or “Fuck that N*****” at the President of the United States. Half of this country believes that a rapist, a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe is “as bad” as a woman whose “secret emails” detailed her asking her staff to print things for her and asking what she could do to help a divorced, uneducated 10-year old girl in Yemen. Half of this country expects the other half that has been insulted, subordinated, abused, raped, and discriminated against to respect the man (and the group of men supporting him) doing the insulting, subordinating, abusing, raping and discriminating.


My heart aches for all of those who will be affected by the outcome of this election; it aches for my queer brothers and sisters; it aches for immigrants; it aches for women. But I can’t stop thinking about one woman: Hillary Clinton. She did not by any means have to run for President. She knew the backlash she would face, and the criticism she would endure. She has endured it throughout her political career, just as women all over the world endure abuse and criticism just for being women. But she ran anyway. She did it to help people. She wanted the job, and she worked so fucking hard for it. And what happened to her happens to less privileged groups daily: white maleness overpowers all else.


The world doesn’t have to be this way. Keep fighting, keep writing, keep learning and keep educating.


I’m with her.






2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton lost because she is a woman

  1. Kate November 10, 2016 / 8:25 am

    It certainly may be that some people didn’t vote for her because she was a woman. It could also be that for older Americans the Clinton name carries a lot of baggage. Certainly the women who came in contact with Bill Clinton were treated in a misogynistic manner, even by Hillary. To me it is shocking that misogyny is perfectly okay for some and we look the other way.
    I don’t understand your point about racism. People of both political parties can be racist. Is it okay for some to use the privilege of being a white male to win political office but not others?
    Rachel Maddow certainly doesn’t define how I use my right to vote. I voted for a woman, Jill Stein.


    • vegancranky November 11, 2016 / 12:19 am

      Thanks for your comment Kate! Of course you have a right to vote who you wish for! What I am saying is that if the true goal was to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, the only way to do so would have been to vote for Hillary Clinton.

      Racism comes in to play with Trump’s campaign running on hatred and fear of people of color. Yes, people of both parties can be racist. But Donald Trump’s campaign used racism to gain votes.

      In terms of your comment about Bill Clinton, in my opinion he isn’t relevant. He was not the one running for president. He took advantage of an intern and that is horrible, and some of Hillary’s actions in response to this may have been questionable. But Bill was not running for president; Hillary was. And if the true goal was to keep a racist out of office, then Hillary should have been the one to vote for (again, in my opinion).

      Thanks for the comment!


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