I Do Horrible Drawings 2

Ok guys, I know it has been a minute since I posted last. But you know what? I needed a break! And by ‘break’ I mean a time I dedicate to applying to jobs because I am graduating in 5 months and need a job ya feel? But now, I am back doing things that make me happy, which means I am back at it again with the bad drawings (is the “back at it again” meme still relevant?).

Now before we get to the ~art~, there is something that I have noticed. It almost seems like I am getting better?? At drawing?? Not a lot better or anything, but I am seeing definite improvement. The drawings are still godawful, but there is a slight hint of resemblance between the people I am drawing and the art that I produce. I feel like I capture their vibe kinda? I’m hesitant to say it looks like the person I’m drawing because I don’t want to offend any of these people who I like and know.

I have bittersweet feelings about this slight improvement. On the one hand, it is nice to practice doing something and see results! I am getting better at drawing! Who knew that putting in time and effort would yield positive progression of a skill? But it kinda sucks to see improvement because I feel like the worse the drawings are, the funnier they are. The good news is, I’m not that much better so the drawings are still funny.


Let’s start off by saying this is a picture of me and my love, Rachel. I love her very, very much. So, Rachel: I’m sorry your body proportions look like those of a manatee and your hair looks like you got plugs. But to be honest, the right side of Rachel’s face looks pretty accurate. Sure, the teeth are the same size as her eyes, but the drawing as a whole does capture her essence. I, on the other hand, look like a statue of early man from the Museum of Natural History. In my defense, the jawline used to look normal, but I had made it a bit too chiseled so I tried to round it out. But now it just looks like I have a beard, a banana for lips, and toothbrush bristles for hair.

“Why didn’t you draw in the sides of your glasses?” Rachel asked me.

“Because you can’t see them in the real picture,” I responded. Obviously that was the logical way to go: free-floating circles on my face. ~~~~art~~~~


This one, again, I feel captures the general essence of the original picture, but somehow still goes horribly wrong. I wanted to make the hand look realistic because hands are usually my downfall, but I think I paid a little too much attention to it so now it just looks overly detailed and weird. The face looks like that snapchat filter that shrinks the facial features but keeps the head large.

Honestly, this is a great filter.

I also failed at any sort of 3-Dimensional effects (the box is a flat square and I tried for a good 10 minutes to make the cup 3D,┬ábut I still managed to create something flat). The positive side of the piece is the small details I managed to include. The McDonald’s “M” on each of the items. The beauty mark on her neck. The rings. The nuggets (eh those could be better). What I’m going to take away from this one is that I really need to work on drawing hair. I’ll cut myself a little slack because drawing in ballpoint pen is really hard and makes all hair look like that girl from The Ring.


Speaking of that girl from The Ring, there’s this picture. I’d say this one is probably the roughest of them all, and probably the most insulting to the person being drawn. I really need to get better at drawing hair because with what I drew she looks like she is a middle-aged balding Italian man. The proportions are off yet again, which has caused her mouth to be way lower than it should be while simultaneously giving her eyes the size of her mouth. The fingers look like legos and I kind of just gave up on the bodice. Peppa looks on point though.


This piece is a picture of Rachel’s best friend, Caitlyn, and Caitlyn’s brother, Cormac. This one I relate to the one I did of Rachel and I because it does kind of capture the vibe of the people I’m drawing, but somehow does it in a really unflattering way. I think the drawing of Caitlyn looks much better than the one I did of her brother next to her. I was able to capture the smirk, but I think I could’ve made her eyes a little bit bigger. I misjudged the proportions (shocker) and that resulted in his head being way too narrow and forced me to have her hair shoot off to the side to close the distance between them. Cormac’s fingers look like french fries with dollops of ketchup on the ends and his tongue looks like a pizza slice. His arm makes him look like that kid in Willy Wonka who got pulled by the taffy puller. Cormac’s arm is also eerily similar to Caitlyn’s seatbelt.

Cormac on the left, me on the right.

So there you have it. Four more beautiful works of art. If you would like me to draw you and be featured on the next installment of “I Do Horrible Drawings” please let me know! I am always looking for new people to accidentally insult with my drawings of them!

In all seriousness, I really do love doing these drawings. It is such a nice break from academics and other activities I do that I try to make perfect. These are fun to do because there are no rules and art isn’t supposed to be perfect (especially when I’m doing it). It’s just fun.


2 thoughts on “I Do Horrible Drawings 2

  1. Kathleen Larson January 26, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    I LOVE IT omg draw me make a softball edition

    Liked by 1 person

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