A Self-Portrait. Pretty accurate, except I’m usually an adidas type of person. I also have hands

I am a 20-something Grandpa, and I am proud. I willingly eat oatmeal. I groan when I get up in the morning. I get sleepy at 9 pm and I don’t like going out. I know how to knit, and I like it. I bake for fun, I say no to making plans a good 75% of the time, and my back aches. I wear old man shoes paired with a button-up most days. I like my food mild and my days structured. I hate asking for directions, and I tell the same stories to the same people at least 5 different times. I wear compression socks when I work out. I enjoy steamed brussels sprouts and have gone nose-blind to their cabbage-egg stink. I enjoy sitting on park benches and watching the young people. I sometimes start political debates at family gatherings.

Besides feeling and acting old, I am also one of the millions of college students trying to figure things out (yikes, I’m almost graduated. Then I’ll just be one of the millions of people trying to figure things out who also has to pay bills. Double yikes). I went through my entire college career thinking I was going to┬ábe a scientist until the beginning of my senior year when I realized that being good at something and liking something are two completely different things. I was extremely unhappy.

So I asked myself: now what? what do I like? what do I love to do? What are my passions?

I came up with a list that included humor, veganism, feminism, writing, books, food, and learning.

What combines all of these things? Virtually nothing! So here I am, creating my own space to devote myself to things I actually enjoy. Enjoy my enjoyment of things I enjoy! Hopefully you’ll laugh with me or at me, as long as you’re laughing.