A Rant About Finals


This is not going to be very structured or intelligent, but I don’t have the brainpower for that right now.


Why, you ask? Well, it is finals week! It is the week where my intelligence and self-worth is determined by having exams and final papers in all of my classes in the span of 4 days.


I’ve never understood this set-up of showing what I have learned throughout the semester. How am I supposed to put 100% of my effort and knowledge into studying for an exam for a class, or writing a 15 page final paper, when I have 5 tests and papers due within 2 days of each other? I could have definitely performed better on so many tests that I have taken and so many papers I have written, but I was incapable of giving any more energy or time than I did. I was too busy studying for all of my other tests and writing all of my other papers to do any more than I did.


And forget about treating myself like a human being. I get 4 hours of sleep per night. I eat exclusively sugar and grease. I have my period, and I have horrible cramps and back pain. But I can’t think about that, so I pop Aleve and sit in the same uncomfortable position for 12 hours straight, and I get angry at myself because I have to get up for 10 minutes to change my fucking tampon because that is 10 wasted minutes of study time. I get mad at myself for being hungry because that means I have to abandon my space in the library and give up a precious 30 minutes where I could have been studying. I get mad at myself when I sleep in until 9:30 because I could’ve been studying, I could’ve been writing, I could’ve been productive, I don’t deserve to sleep. God forbid I take a break to watch a YouTube video or check my phone, because if I do I feel such guilt and dread the entire time that I panic and immediately get back to work.

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Vegan-Cranky: an Introduction

I suppose it is appropriate to explain what the title of this blog means, because you’re probably thinking it means: “uh oh crankyvegan.com was already taken.”


While that assumption is partly true, there is a reason for the name “Vegan-Cranky.” Here’s the definition:



/vēɡən kraNGkē/


ill-tempered or irritable because of vegan dietary limitations.

“She is vegan-cranky because the only vegan option at the restaurant is stuffed peppers.”


My girlfriend coined this term after she noticed that I display this behavior at least once per day. It usually involves the following scenario: First, I enter a dining establishment. At my school, that means the dining hall, the small school store, or an area we call “The Pit” (yes, that is really what a place that serves food is called). The Pit, which is particularly disgusting, offers various fast food options and a really sad, wilted salad bar. Then, I look around and realize that all I can get is french fries, salad, or cereal. I start to get annoyed and proceed to point at non-vegan options or people eating non-vegan foods and say, “I wish I could have that” or, “It would be nice if I could eat that.” I keep complaining as I pay for and eat my salad. That is a textbook example of someone being vegan-cranky.

What my school thinks being vegan looks like, probably

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